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Hilton Reading


At Hilton Reading Escape Spa we are able to offer our guests a range of face, body and beauty treatment using only the finest quality products.

Facial Treatments

55 minutes £60.00 or 25 minutes £40.00

Schmoo Honey & Oatmeal Facial

A deeply relaxing Schcrummy facial. Combining natural honey with antiseptic properties and oatmeal, a natural beauty enhancer, this is the perfect facial for skin that lacks moisture. The gentle ingredients help nourish and replenish a more sensitive skin whilst restoring natural radiance. Pick your own products with the expert guidance of your Schmoozier.

Schmoo Grapefruit & Tangerine Facial

A deep cleansing Schmoozy facial that instantly refreshes and de-congests the skin. With a natural mix of grapefruit and tangerine, which are bursting with anti-oxidants the skin is left feeling renewed and protected. Ask your Schmoozier for a skincare regime to fit your busy urban lifestyle.

Schmoo Vitamin Rich Facial

A super vitamin rich Schmoo facial designed to lift and firm a mature skin. With organic coenzyme Q10 and collagen the skin is plumped, fine lines and wrinkles are reduced. We recommend our pro-age eye treatment to compliment this facial to leave the skin feeling firmer and deeply moisturised. Ask your Schmoozier about other amazing products in the Q10 range to take the spa experience home.

Schmoo for Men Blackberry, Basil & Lime Facial

A men’s facial designed to target specific areas. Together blackberry, basil and lime give a refreshing treatment that is rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants to combat premature ageing and to calm and soothe stressed congested skin. Your Schmoozier will prescribe the right products for you so that your skin is left refreshed and protected.

Schmoo Acai & Goji Berry Microdermabrasion Facial - 25 minutes £50.00

An amazing acai and goji super berry facial, this four step Schmoo organic microdermabrasion treatment gives dramatic results without the use of harsh chemical peels or procedures. Goji berry is considered to be the “magical fruit”, this super berry is packed with vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, which protect the skin and renew the skin cells faster than any other extracts. Also included is acai berry and pomegranate making this facial a Schuper anti-ageing facial. If you want the ultimate flawless finish this is the facial for you.

Massage Treatments

The Schmoo Zone - 1hour 45 minutes £85.00

This blissful treatment combines all the favourites. After selecting products bespoke to you, your Schmoozier will start by buffing away unwanted dry skin cells with an all over sugar scrub smoothie, your skin will be left glowing and feeling soft to the touch. This is followed with a soothing back, neck and shoulder massage, concentrating on achy areas. Our amazing body custards with fragrant fruit extracts moisturise and melt into the skin to completely soothe and relax you. The treatment concludes with a prescriptive facial and luxurious scalp massage, you’re Schmoozier will select products with you to target your personal needs and concerns. This spectacular “me time” treatment will make you Schmile and have you feeling chilled and renewed from head to toe.

Schmummy Pregnancy Treatment - 55 minutes £60.00

This comforting treatment is designed with Schmummy and baby Schmoos in mind. This treatment begins with a sugar scrub smoothie chosen by you. The gentle sugar particles buff away dry skin cells whilst you drift away taking in the amazing fruity aromas. This is followed by a relaxing facial in which a deep cleansing mask is applied. Whilst this is left to work on the face your Schmoozier will use a rich lotion to massage the body which is designed to reduce the appearance of stretch marks during and after pregnancy. You will feel completely chilled after this mum and baby treatment.

Schmoo Sugar Scrub Smoothie - 25 minutes £35.00

A treatment to brighten and refresh dry, dull skin. Choose one of our Schmoo sugar scrub smoothies for an all over body polish, with brown sugar to gently buff the skin, increase circulation and leave skin feeling brighter, Schmoother and smelling delicious.

Schmoo Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage - 25 minutes £40.00

This tailor made massage will relieve tired, aching muscles, and leave the back feeling good as new. Choose one of our Schmoozy body custards for a deep moisturising finish; packed with fruit extracts these custards have amazing benefits.

Schmoo Full Body Massage - 55 minutes £60.00

Experience the benefits of massage with this complete full body and scalp massage. Choose one of our Schmoozy body custards for a deep moisturising finish; packed with fruit extracts these custards have amazing benefits.

Schmoo Hot Stone Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage - 25 minutes £50.00

A deeper massage using basalt stones, these volcanic stones work deeply into the muscle tissue to really soothe and melt away tension.

Schmoo Hot Stone Full Body Massage - 55 minutes £70.00

A totally luxurious experience. Let everyday aches and pains be a thing of the past with this full body massage. Basalt volcanic stones will soothe and relax every inch.

Schmoo Warm Bamboo Massage - 25 minutes £50.00, 55 minutes £70.00

Another level of relaxation, your Schmoozier will use unique crafted bamboo tools to roll, knead and relax your muscles. it is not only relaxing but highly beneficial giving increased circulation, relieving sore muscles, aiding relaxation and promoting calm and well-being. This is the ideal treatment if you are seeking pure indulgence.




Pro-Age Eye Treatment

15 minutes £10.00

A little extra treat, this can be added to any treatment to rejuvenate the eyes. Argan oil, marine collagen and organic cucumber are great for anti-ageing and reducing dark circles. Tired, dehydrated eyes become refreshed and replenished. This is a must for every Schmooer.

Hands & Feet

Schmoo File & Paint - 20 minutes £20.00

A quick finishing touch, nails are shaped and painted with your choice of colour so you’re ready to go.

Schmootiful Hands - 55 minutes £45.00

A complete hand and nail treatment. Firstly choose your own products with your Schmoozier, then relax. This treatment is a full maintenance for your hands and nails with a Schmoo smoothie exfoliation, a rich body custard massage and heat treatment. Nails will be finished with a Jessica nail colour of your choice to leave hands looking and feeling Schmootiful.

Schmootiful Feet - 55 minutes £50.00

A complete foot and nail treatment. Firstly choose your own products with your Schmoozier, then relax. This treatment includes a Schmoo smoothie exfoliation, then with a rich custard the feet are massaged and softened with a heat treatment. Nails are tidied and finished with a Jessica colour of your choice to leave feet looking and feeling Schmootiful.


Full Leg wax £35.00
Half Leg wax £18.00
Bikini wax £15.00
Underarm wax £15.00
Eyebow wax £12.00
Back or Chest wax £25.00
Lip and Chin wax £12.00


Requires a 24 hour patch test

Eyelash Tint £20.00
Eyebrow Tint £12.00
Eyelash and eyebrow Tint £25.00


He-Shi full body tan £30.00

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